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10 Services
Gentleman's Facial Includes: double cleanse, charcoal blackhead removal, deep exfoliation, ingrown hair removal, extractions, smoothing mask and ice therapy, 5 minutes hand massage $100 Starts From
Glow Like Kirah (Derma-planing Facial) Includes: double cleanse, brightening and anti aging mask, extractions, jelly hydrogel mask, facial massage, derma-planing, UV therapy. Perfect for clients seeking to remove fine vellus hairs with use of a sterile surgical scalpel which enables removal of the first layer of the skin that houses dead cells. $140 Starts From
Customised Facial If you're unsure of what you might need get our customised facial. This includes a consultation where we thoroughly access the skin and select the facial experience perfect for you. This also includes a 5 minutes hand massage. $100 Starts From
Cleanse the Back Facial Deep steam cleansing of the back, exfoliation, extractions, detoxifying mask, massage and hot towels $111 Starts From
Rejuv Teen Facial Includes: double cleanse, extraction, exfoliation, clay mask. Perfect for clients experiencing severe acne or hyperpigmentation $75 Starts From
The New Skin Facial Includes both derma-planing and microdermabrasion. It is perfect for clients seeking to travel, get married or even refresh their skin for a healthy skin journey. It is also perfect for individuals struggling with hyperpigmentation and dark spots. $200 Starts From
Kirah Lux Glow Facial Includes: cleanse, purifying, microdermabrasion, mask, extractions, hand massage, facial exfoliation scrub and brightening mask. $130 Starts From
Refresh on the Go Need to have your face revived but you're in a rush? This is the perfect facial for you. We'll gentle double cleanse, exfoliate and massage your face. You also get to choose the mask of your choice and relax while your skin enjoys the replenishment of hydration from our amazing products. $85 Starts From
Chest and Neck Facial Process targets the upper c area. Perfect for women struggling with acne breakout in the cleavage area. Also good for men wanting to have a smoother chest area. Include cleansing, exfoliation with coconut scrub, extractions included if specialist sees clogged or compacted pore cooling globes and jelly mask. $85 Starts From
Butt Facial This service is perfect if you have a vacation, wedding, special occasion, or even just as a treat to yourself. Include steaming, double cleansing with ultra sonic sc. Our high frequency UV device destroy bacteria and quell inflammation and your ch of our green tea, detoxifying charcoal or moisturise and repaid jelly mask. $80 Starts From
Hair Dresser
25 Services
Hair Wash (Shampoo & Condition) $45 Starts From
Lace Wig Install $180 Starts From
Wig Reinstall $170 Starts From
Leave Out Installation Requires 3 Bundles. Extra Bundle $15 $150 Starts From
Small Box Braids $280 Starts From
Medium Box Braids $180 Starts From
Ponytail Braids 6- 8 Braids $120 Starts From
Straight Back Braids 6- 8 Braids $100 Starts From
Medium Full Head Braids $220 Starts From
Small Full Head Braids $260 Starts From
Jumbo Knotless Braids $160 Starts From
Large Knotless Braids $200 Starts From
Medium Knotless Braids $220 Starts From
Small Knotless Braids $340 Starts From
Kids Medium Knotless $150 Starts From
Kids Small Knotless $170 Starts From
Soft Locs Midback Small $240, Medium $220 $220 Starts From
Soft Locs Waist Length Small $280, Medium $260 $280 Starts From
Soft Locs Butt Length Small $330, Medium $310 $310 Starts From
Men Box Braid (with low cut) $50 Starts From
Men Braids with Design $70 Starts From
Men Box Braid (full head) $60 Starts From
Men Stitch Braid $80 Starts From
Stitch Natural Hair $70 Starts From
Cornrows (natural hair) $60 Starts From
Lash Extension
10 Services
"Mega Reign" 14mm- 20mm | 21mm- 30mm. Include bottom lashes $160 Starts From
"Drama Reign" 14mm- 20mm | 21mm- 30mm $150 Starts From
"Still that Girl" 15mm- 19mm volume lashes $125 Starts From
"Classy Shorties" 12mm- 15mm $110 Starts From
"Isn't she Lovely" 11mm- 25mm $130 Starts From
"Live a Little" 15mm- 21mm $140 Starts From
Classic Simple no fans made $100 Starts From
2 Weeks Refill $80 Starts From
3 Weeks Refill $90 Starts From
Lash Removal
Make Up
4 Services
Strip Lash Application $15 Starts From
Eyebrows Cleaning $30 Starts From
Natural Glam with Lashes $85 Starts From
Full Glam with Lashes $100 Starts From

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